Build Instructions for Thumb


List of parts needed to assemble thumb of bionic hand

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Pin IV1
E-clip I2
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DC Motor1

In this section we assembling motorized thumb finger with palm


Step 1

Redrill the Thumb, Spur_gear and Motor_support holes to easy fit the metal parts. But ensure the use of right size of drill bit ­for redrilling. In our case we used 2.5 mm drill bit for larger hole and 1.5 mm drill bit for smaller hole.

thumb step 1

Step 2

Attach spur gear to DC motor and attach potentiometer to top of spur gear. This type of potentiometer is part of MG 90S servo motor. It can be removable and used it for our purpose.

thumb step 2

Step 3

Insert the DC motor with gear box into Motor_support

thumb step 3

Step 4

Attach Thumb part to Motor_support using Pin I and E-clip I

thumb step 4

Step 5

Attach servo motor controller removed from servo motor to DC motor of thumb

thumb step 5