Build Instructions for Palm


List of parts needed to assemble palm of bionic hand

3D Printer PartsQty
Metal Parts Qty
Compression Spring4
Steel Ball4
Screw and Nut4

As we attached all fingers to palm part, we are going to attach other parts and electronic modules to palm


Step 1

Place logo part in palm and glue it

Palm Step 1

Step 2

Place thumb assembly in palm according to clearance provided in palm_cover and glue it.  

Palm Step 2

Step 3

Attach compression springs and steel balls to bottom of palm

Palm Step 3

Step 4

Glue the nuts in grooves of palm

Palm Step 4

Step 5

According to places of nuts placed, drill the holes in Palm_cover and place over the palm

Palm Step 5

Step 6

Assembly of palm will be complete with all electronic modules attached. To follow the procedure, see build instructions for electronic modules